Top 10 Best Electric Ranges

There are lots of little features that you might want in your electric range, but not realize until you get it home and realize the one you purchased doesn’t have them. Here we’ll break down the most important features of electric ranges such as burner size, broiling capabilities, the ever-important self-cleaning feature and more to bring you the ten best.

Whirlpool RF263LXTQ – $468.99

This range has it all, and for a great price too. It has two eight-inch burners along with two six-inch burners, which will give you great flexibility when doing any kind of stovetop cooking. It also has a broiler, a setting to keep foods warm, alerts to let you know that the oven has preheated (both a light and a beep,) a window, clock, timer, and control lock. And for safety, the indicator will tell you that the heating element is on and an auto shut off for those times when you’ve accidentally left it on. It has a warranty of one year on parts and labor, and an impressive five different oven rack positions. What might set this one another step above is the delayed baking feature.

Frigidaire FFEF3015LW – $530.00

This one has just about all the features of the number one Whirlpool, but it does come at a higher price. You’ll still get two eight-inch and two six-inch burners, broiler, self-cleaning and keep warm feature, along with pre-heating alerts, a window, an interior light, clock, and timer. The only differences might be that there’s no indicator to tell you that the heating element is on, and the oven comes with only two different rack positions. This oven also has a warranty of one year.

Kenmore 9021 – $429.99

This Kenmore electric range comes with nearly all the features of the Whirlpool sitting in top spot. The only differences are really that there is no keep warm setting and there are only two different rack positions. That being said, it has a broiler, is self-cleaning, and has the light and window that will help you see what’s cooking inside. All the alerts and lights for pre-heating and ‘in use’ are there, and it also has a clock and a timer. It also comes with a one year warranty.

Kenmore 9011 – $369.99

At an even lower price, there is one major feature missing from this Kenmore 9011 that you’ll get with our top three ranges — that’s the self-cleaning feature. This is a great feature for anyone that doesn’t want to deal with the mess or time involved in cleaning their oven, and because it doesn’t have this, there’s also no need for the control lock. It does have just about everything else, including the two differently-sized burners, a broiler, a keep warm setting, pre-heat indicators, auto shut off, interior oven light and window, a clock and a timer. It also has the fairly standard two oven racks with only two different rack positions; and a warranty of one year. If you really don’t care about the self-cleaning feature, this range comes with a lot of features for a great price.

Frigidaire FFEF3011LW – $499.99

The most outstanding feature of this electric range might be that it has five different rack positions for the two different oven racks it comes with. It also has many of the convenience features homeowners might be looking for including a broiler, a keep warm setting, pre-heating indicators, automatic shut off, an interior light, a window, a clock, and a timer to keep you from burning things. However, it does have a few drawbacks that can make cooking a bit more inconvenient. That includes only one eight-inch burner while the others are a mere six inches, as well as no self-cleaning option and therefore, no control lock either. It also doesn’t have an indicator to tell you that the heating element is on, which could be a safety issue for some.

Hotpoint RB525DPWH – $384.30

This Hotpoint also comes with only one eight-inch burner and three six-inch elements. It’s also lacking in several features including self-cleaning capabilities as well as a clock and timer. This could impede cooking as you’ll need to really keep an eye on things that are baking in the oven. That could be difficult to do also, seeing as how there’s no interior light or window, meaning that you’ll need to open the door and let precious heat out when you’re baking. It also has no setting to help keep things warm. It does come with preheating indicators, an indicator to tell you when the heating elements are on, an automatic shut off, two rack positions, and a standard one-year warranty. For households on a budget, it also comes at a great price.

Amana AER3311WAW – $375.00

While this electric range doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, it might come with some of the features that are missing from the Hotpoint; and at a better price. It still only has one eight-inch burner with three six-inch elements, and broiler but it also has the keep warm setting missing from the Hotpoint. It also has five different rack positions, which appears on only a few of our top ten models, and a one-year warranty. Just like the Hotpoint, this one has no clock, timer, or window that helps make cooking easier and faster.

Whirlpool RF110AXSQ – $500.00

There’s really no reason you should choose this Whirlpool model over the RF263LXTQ that sits in our top spot — it’s even more expensive. It also only comes with one eight-inch burner and three six-inch burners and doesn’t have the self-cleaning feature or a control lock. In fact the only real convenience features it has are the pre-heating light and the automatic shut-off. What might make this a bit better than our middle class models is the fact that it has five different rack positions for the two different oven racks. That being said, so does the Whirlpool we ranked as number one, so we believe that would be a better choice.

Americana (by GE) ABS200PBB – $349.00

From the price of this model you’ll get a ton of oven space and a number of different things you can do with it, thanks to the five different rack positions for the two oven racks. It still only has one eight-inch burner with the other three being only six inches, and it also has a broiler element within the oven. The interior light is there in case you need to see things on the bottom rack or that have gotten pushed back, although there is no window to allow you to peak in. It also has an indicator to tell you when the heating element is in use, pre-heating indicators, and an automatic shut off. For all of that, it comes at the lowest price of all our models.

White Westinghouse WWEF3002KW – $399.39

Unlike the Americana, this oven comes with both an interior light and a window to let you keep a careful eye on all your baked goods. And also unlike the Americana (as well as a number of our other top ten models,) it has two eight-inch burners and two six-inch burners, giving you more flexibility when cooking anything. It doesn’t have self-cleaning features or a broiler element, which are big drawbacks; but lots of indicators for pre-heating and when the oven or stove are ‘in use’ are present. It’s has three oven rack positions, which is also more than many other electric ranges, and two different racks. The biggest drawback with this range though, might be that the warranty is only valid for 90 days.

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