Top 10 Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators

A side-by-side refrigerator is one of the most modern appliances you can have in your home today. But the many features they come with can make it difficult to choose one will not only give you a great contemporary look, but also the performance you need and the convenience that makes kitchen living easier. Here we’ve collected the ten best side-by-side refrigerators you can have in your home, to make choosing just one a bit easier.

Samsung RSG309AARS – $1,814

This Samsung refrigerator has the largest interior capacity of all of the refrigerators we tested at 30 cubic feet, which makes it great for those who are always running out of space in their fridge. Like of all the fridges on this list it also has adjustable shelves, crisper bins, a dairy bin, a deli drawer, and humidity control. It also has a total of 5 shelves, which can really customize how you adjust them, and they’re also spill-proof so you don’t have to worry about one item making a huge mess of the entire inside. The fridge door has 5 bins too, great for stashing small items. The freezer is equipped with its own five shelves, door bins, and baskets that slide out and tilt, making grabbing things even easier. The water and ice dispenser on the door offers crushed ice, cubed ice, a child lock, and a water filter replacement light (also just like all our models,) but this one also has a door alarm. But while the digital display will help you with many tasks, it can also be very complicated to understand. It also comes in only one color, limiting your choices.

Kenmore Elite 4100 – $2,017

The LCD touchscreen on the Kenmore Elite is really like a small computer. You can write yourself reminders and notes, adjust the temperature of the fridge and freezer, and even check out some of your personal photos. It’s the highest of our bunch though at 70 inches in height, which can make it difficult for squeezing into tight spaces. Both the fridge and the freezer have three shelves, and those in the fridge side are adjustable. However, they’re not spill-proof so you’ll have to be careful that items from one shelf don’t drip down onto another. The freezer has bins on the door, as does the fridge but these latter bins only total out to four, giving you one less than you’d have with the Samsung. If you really want to customize the look of your kitchen, this Kenmore comes in three different colors, but that might not be enough for some to make up for the large price tag.

LG LSC27935ST – $1,508

With this LG model you’ll still get three shelves in the fridge, and while they’re adjustable, they’re not spill-proof. Four door bins in the fridge door make great spaces for condiments, and you’ll get two more (for a total of 5!) in the freezer than you’ll find in the Kenmore Elite — and for a lower price! It’s also about an inch shorter than the Kenmore, which will free up your options as to where to place it; but while it’s Energy Star compliant, it does sit at the higher end of energy consumption. That could be an issue for those that are watching their electricity bill.

Whirlpool Gold GSS26C4XXW – $1,611

Coming in at just under 68 inches, this Whirlpool Gold is also one of the shorter models you can choose, which will add to the four different color options in helping you set your kitchen up just how you like it. And there’s no shortage of space inside, giving you 26.4 cubic feet to stash items into. The shelves with this model are adjustable and spill-proof, but you’ll only have three of them on the fridge side. Whirlpool’s made up for that a bit on the freezer side, giving you four shelves there, as well as door bins on each side (the fridge side has four!) When you’re looking for a side-by-side that has lots of options at a reasonable price, this is a great one to choose.

Samsung RSG257AAWP/XAA – $2,029

At just 24.5 cubic feet of space, families larger than three or four people might find that there’s simply not enough room inside. So how is the large price tag justified? By the fact that it comes in three different colors, has four spill-proof adjustable shelves in the fridge, and another four shelves on the freezer side. If that’s not enough bang for your family’s buck, you can find larger models for a lower price.

GE Profile PSHF9PGZSS – $1,769

At 69 inches in height, you will have to make sure that there’s a lot of overhead space for this fridge, but that’s because it needs to have room for the 29.1 cubic feet of space inside — the largest of all the fridges we reviewed. The options also don’t stop there, with three different colors available, five spill-proof shelves in the fridge and another three shelves in the freezer. The ice-maker in the freezer also holds up to 10 pounds of ice, but that does mean you’ll have to compromise with how much other stuff it can pack in. The freezer also comes with door bins, and the fridge comes with four of them, too, making this one of the best models if you’re looking for extra room in your appliance.

Kenmore Elite 51072 – $1,379

At nearly $700 less than the top Kenmore Elite on our list, will you be giving up that much by choosing this more affordable option? It does only come in one color, and it does not have spill proof shelves in the fridge, and there are only three adjustable shelves in the fridge. The freezer however, has six shelves, which may sound like a bonus, but it can make it more difficult to store tall items. This model also has a door alarm and the ice-maker makes more ice in a snap, making it great when you’re entertaining.

Maytag MSF25C2EXM – $1,259

While not as small as the Samsung RSG, this Maytag does only offer 25.1 cubic feet of space inside, which might make it a tight squeeze for large families to get everything they need inside. That being said, it does have four door bins inside the fridge, and two of them are extra-large, big enough to hold large gallons of milk! The fridge does fall a bit short with the shelves, offering only three, but those are both adjustable and spill-proof. The freezer has an additional four door bins made for stashing, and this fridge comes in three different colors to help you jazz up your kitchen. In addition to all that, it comes at a really great price.

Frigidaire FPUS2698LF – $1,797

Some might say that this Frigidaire has the most sensible layout, as the shelves sit at the top with all the crisper drawers down below. But it does limit the amount of adjusting you can do with the shelves, although those shelves are adjustable and spill-proof. While the fridge also has four door bins, you’ll only find three in the freezer, which can also be limiting in space. That being said, the customer service you’ll get from Frigidaire surpasses just about everyone, and because the operating manual includes multiple models of side-by-side refrigerators, you may need it.

Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS – $1,199

We love the price of this Whirlpool refrigerator and because it’s super energy efficient, it will also help you cut down on your monthly electricity bills. That might be because it takes up only 25.1 cubic feet of space inside, which is a bit on the small side, but that doesn’t mean it gives you any fewer options. Those include four adjustable and spill-proof shelves in the fridge, five door bins in the fridge, and four more included in the freezer. We think that’s still a lot of options for how little you’ll pay for this fridge!

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