Top 10 Best Computer Monitors

With so many computer monitors on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is going to be best for you. Throw in the fact that many people use their monitors for many different things (word processing, gaming, etc.) and it can become even more confusing. Here we’ve broken down the top ten best computer monitors you’ll find on the market, and who they’re best for.

Dell UltraSharp U2312HM – $198.13

This Dell monitor comes with so many features, it’s hard to believe that it’s one of the most affordable within our top ten. With a 300 cd/m2 brightness factor, you’ll never have to worry about images appearing out of focus or dim on the screen. The IPS panel will also help with that, the type that gives you the widest viewing angles on the market. But that IPS panel may not be the best for gamers as the slow speed of this panel type can sometimes cause motion blur when moving objects are on the screen. There also is no HDMI option, but separate converter cables can be purchased if you want the best clarity. Want speakers or be prepared to go without, the speakers on this model are optional, giving you the best of either world. This screen is fully adjustable, can be wall mounted, and is equipped with four USB ports. It also has a massive screen size of 23 inches, which might be why is has one of the highest power consumptions among our list (33 watts.)

ASUS VS239H-P – $169.99

The ASUS VS239H-P has the same IPS panel type of the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM, but this panel has a faster speed, making it a better choice for gamers. The screen size is also the same, 23 inches; and it has LED backlighting, a 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 60 Hz refresh rate, and a three year warranty just like the Dell UltraSharp, too. It does come at a lower price point as well, but that may be due to the fact that its adjustability is tilt only, — and it consumes a great deal more power than the Dell too (40 watts.) One thing it has over the Dell? It has its own HMDI port, with no accessories necessary. It also doesn’t have any USB hub ports so if you need a lot of them, you’ll need to rely on your computer tower. It is however, wall mountable, which helps up the convenience factor.

BENQ GW2450 – $178.99

The BENQ GW2450 is equipped with a VA panel, which is mid-range for different panel types. However, it’s faster than a typical VA, making it a good option for those that need something higher in quality than a TN panel, but don’t want to spend the big bucks on an IPS. The brightness also sits in midrange at 250 cd/m2, but the large screen size of 24 inches will help to make up for that. LED backlighting, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and the coveted 1920 x 1080 resolution are all there as well, but it doesn’t have any USB ports and it comes with a warranty of only one year. That being said, this monitor can be mounted on a wall to make it even more convenient for users; and like the ASUS, it comes with a built-in HDMI port. One thing this computer monitor has that the ASUS does not though, is built-in speakers.

NEC MultiSync EX231WP-BK – $308.30

The NEC MultiSync EX231WP-BK has a PVA panel type, which is very similar to the VA panel you’ll get with the BENQ GW2450. The response time however, is much slower than you’ll find with others in its class, and at 23 inches, the screen is just a bit smaller. It still has the high resolution, LED backlighting, and a high aspect ratio. It’s also fully adjustable, and wall mountable, and won’t eat up all your power with a consumption rate of just 27 watts. This one does come with one USB port, a display port, and a DVI port. You’ll also get a pretty long warranty of three years when choosing the NEC MultiSync.

LG E2442V-BN – $213.07

With a TN panel type, the cheapest kind you can find on the market, you might be surprised to learn that the LG E2242V-BN has some of the best color resolution within its class. It also has a large screen of 24 inches, and while it can be wall-mounted, the adjustability factor is still tilt-only. While there are no USB ports, you’ll find that this LG does have DVI, HDMI, and VGA built-in with no extra cables or converters necessary. Response time is fairly quick, and the brightness feature sits at mid-range at about 250 cd/m2. You’ll only be covered for all these great features for a little time though, as this monitor only has a one year warranty.

Acer S231 HL – $185.00

If it’s low power consumption you’re looking for, the Acer S231 HL might be the best one for you. This model uses the least amount of power among any of our top ten, and it might be the slightly smaller screen size (23 inches) that helps with that. This monitor also has a TN panel, which makes it ideal for gamers, as it eliminates motion blur. It can also be wall mounted, although the adjustability is tilt only, which always makes it less convenient than its fully-adjustable counterparts. There are no USB ports however, and it’s one of the heavier models you’ll find, so be certain that it’s firmly secured before putting it up on the wall. This is one of the few models that comes with speakers built right in though, which also makes it good for gamers or those that like to watch TV or listen to music online.

ViewSonic VA2406M – $138.99

It’s probably a good thing that this ViewSonic comes at a low price because the brightness of the screen is sub-par and there are many more convenient models on the market. Instead of being fully-adjustable, this one is tilt only; but you can mount it on a wall fairly easily with its 11.9 pound weight. There is no HDMI built-in, but DVI and VGA are included, and the screen is a good 24 inches, for those looking for something larger. It also has a longer warranty than some of our top ten, giving you coverage of three years instead of just one.

Samsung PX2370 – $353.40

We expect computer monitors within this price range to be some of the best, and to definitely deliver when it comes to both convenience and performance. Unfortunately, this Samsung has a TN panel, the cheapest type you can find; and it also has no built-in for mounting it on a wall. The screen size is decent at 23 inches, and the response time is one of the fastest you’ll find, at just two milliseconds. LED backlighting, and the 1920 x 1080 resolution is also there to give you a great viewing experience. DVI and VGA built-ins are also there, but you won’t get any USB ports with this one. You will however, receive a three year warranty to protect you against damage for those features that do attract you to this Samsung monitor.

ASUS VE228H – $132.00

If you love the ASUS name but want something that’s easier on your wallet than the VS239H-P, this might be the model for you. It does come with a TN panel rather than the IPS of the more expensive option, but that could be a good thing for gamers. The screen size is also considerably smaller, at just 21.5 inches, and just like its pricier monitor cousin, it’s not fully adjustable but can be mounted on a wall. It’s also fairly heavy at 13.4 pounds, and doesn’t have any USB ports built in. Unlike some of the more expensive models included in this top ten, the ASUS does have the pleasant surprise of built-in speakers, and the warranty is also a full three years.

NEC MultiSync EA243WM – $352.99

If ratings were based on convenience only, the NEC MultiSync EA243WM might win first place. Even with the TN panel type, the screen is fully adjustable so you can tilt, swivel, or turn it any way you want. In fact, this screen also gives you the option of portrait mode, and is the only one on our list to do so. Of course NEC wouldn’t include all that convenience and not making it wall-mountable, so you can hang this model up high too. So what’s the bad? Along with being one of the most expensive options, it also won’t give you the brightness, color, or resolution you’re looking for. In fact resolution comes in at just 1920 x 1200, and an aspect ratio of just 16:10. And while it has a large 24 inch screen, it also uses a lot of power, at 29 watts, it’s one of the biggest power-eaters on our list. Speakers are there and, in addition to the Dell that takes top spot, it also has 4 USB ports. But if it’s good contrast and brightness you’re looking for, you may want to choose just about any other monitor on our list.

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