Top 10 Best Dryers

It’s just a clothes dryer, so what’s the big deal in buying one? You might find out once you start shopping around and find just how many brand names and different models there are. Not to mention all the different features you can find on each one. Here we’ll look at some of those most popular features including steam settings, sanitization cycles, reversible doors, and more to bring you the top ten best dryers on the market right now.

Bosch WTVC3300US – $916

This Bosch clothes dryer might not have a steam setting or a sanitization cycle, but it does have plenty of other features to make up for that. Those include a moisture monitor, wrinkle protection (great for those that don’t want to iron!) and an LED display that will tell you how much time is remaining in the cycle. It also has superb safety features, including a child lock and a lint filter light that will help you get it all, reducing the risk of fire. The reversible door is a nice feature, and the accessorise that are included such as the dryer rack, the stack kit and the pedestal all give this Bosch a bit of a boost. You can choose from 12 different cycles, but the 3 different temperatures can be a bit limiting for some. The biggest advantage that comes with this dryer though is that it’s one of the quietest of the bunch!

LG DLE2050W – $749

This LG also doesn’t have a steam setting, but it does come with a cycle for sanitizing, which parents of young children might find especially helpful, along with the child lock reversible door. The express cycle is also a nice option when you don’t have time to wait for a long cycle to dry. It too also has a moisture monitor, wrinkle protection, a noise reduction system, and an LED display with a time remaining display. The warranty isn’t as good as you’ll get with the Bosch, with only one year protection on parts and labor; and although it comes with a stack kit and a pedestal, it’s the dryer rack some might really find they’re missing. This is still though one of the larger dryers you’ll find with 7.1 cubic feet of space inside.

Whirlpool WED9270XW – $779

Unlike the above Bosch or LG, this Whirlpool does come with steam settings but no sanitization cycle. You’ll get the moisture monitor, wrinkle protection, reversible door, and a time remaining display on the LED display. It comes with all the accessories you could need including the dryer rack, a stack kit, and a pedestal, but one of the biggest drawbacks might be that there is no noise reduction system. This could make it a bit louder than many would like. In addition to that, there is a limited amount of protection with only a 1 year warranty on parts, labor, and the panel.

GE DCVH480EKWW – $978

While there’s no steam cycle with this GE model, you’ll get the sanitization cycle along with wrinkle protection, an express cycle for when you just need a quick dry on something, as well as a noise reduction system. In fact you can choose from 20 different cycles, and 5 different temperatures. Design features include a reversible door with a child lock, as well as a drum light and many different colors to choose from. That being said, this is one of the smallest dryers we reviewed with only 4 cubic feet of space inside, and the only accessory you’ll receive with it is a stack kit. The warranty also includes just one year for parts, labor, and the panel.

Maytag MEDE250XL – $779

Without a steam or sanitization cycle, you might think that this Maytag leaves you a bit restricted as to what you can do with it. But you’ll actually get a choice of 9 different cycles to choose from, and 6 different temperatures to use with those. You will also get moisture control, wrinkle protection, and a noise reduction system so it doesn’t overpower everything else in the home, such as the television. The door is equipped with a child lock but unlike our other dryers, is not reversible. It does come with an LED display, a stack kit, and a pedestal, but is missing the dryer rack and the tower. On this one too you’ll only get a 1 year warranty for parts, labor, and the panel; but it has a pretty average size of 6.7 cubic feet inside.

Amana NED7300WW – $659

If you don’t want all the bells and whistles that come with the top models, and don’t want to pay for them either, this Amana clothes dryer might be the perfect option for you. It does have a moisture monitor and a noise reduction system, a child lock door that is reversible, but that’s about it. You’ll only get a choice of 6 different cycles with 4 different temperatures, a short one year warranty on parts, labor, and the panel. But if you’re just looking for a basic dryer that doesn’t come at a huge price, this Amana is a great model to choose.

Kenmore 8031 – $975

When you believe that size matters, this Kenmore model might be the clothes dryer you’ve been searching for. It’s one of the largest on our list, with 7.3 cubic feet inside and a total of 10 different cycles and 5 different temperature settings. With no noise reduction system it might be a bit loud for some, but you’ll still find it comes with a moisture monitor, sanitize cycle, and a time remaining display on the LED display. There is no child lock on the reversible door, but you’ll get lots of additional accessories for convenience including a dryer rack, a stack kit, and a pedestal.

Samsung DV520AEP/XAA – $1,500

What warrants the high price on this Samsung dryer, you ask. We did too until we saw that it had the very largest capacity inside, holding up to 7.5 cubic feet of clothes inside, and with so many cycles you can pick and choose from whatever you need. Whether you have a huge load, a medium load, or a small pile, this Samsung will dry them all quickly and easily. And the wrinkle removal feature also works well on medium and small loads. The biggest drawback to this model is that large loads tend to get twisted up together, leaving them wrinkled badly in places. You’ll also get a one year warranty on parts and labor, and a full two years on the panel.

LG Top Load Steam Dryer DLEX5101V – $1,500

This model has just about all the features you could ask for including a wrinkle removal setting, a large lint filter, large opening, and tons of different settings. It also has a large capacity but the bigger load the less this dryer seems to do the job, requiring extra drying time for some. This machine also has a bad habit of tangling and twisting clothes when super large loads are placed inside. While it may have lots of different cycles and temperatures, it all comes at a very large price and many homeowners might find they can get all they need with a different, more affordable model.

Haier Ultra Plus Capacity – $679

This Haier may have a large capacity waiting inside, which is great for drying large loads in a short amount of time, but the opening is quite smaller than what’s found on other models. That can make it difficult to access the drum, and to reach down inside to make sure you got everything on the first go. There is no steam cycle, it only comes in the color white, and you’ll get just a one year warranty on parts and labor. Only one accessory also comes with this one, it’s a drying rack, and it can be pretty difficult to install. That being said, the panel is easy to understand and use, and the dryer comes at a great price for those on a budget.

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