Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is probably the only appliance in your home that you want to suck, but there’s much more to it than just their suction capabilities. Accessories, unique features, and weight all come into play as well when determining which ones are the best on the market; and we’ve taken them all into consideration when compiling our list of top ten vacuum cleaners. Here they are, in descending order. All of these vacuums have either a HEPA or S-Class filter, but what is the difference? Both will give you better air quality and the only real difference is that S-Class is a designation given in Europe, while HEPA is a North American abbreviation.

Miele S 7580 Premium Class – $749.00

It’s the 12 amps of power in this motor that makes the Miele S 7580 S Premium Class the best on the market, along with the rating of 100% cleaning effectiveness. When it comes to all those small things that make a vacuum so great, they’ve included plenty here too with a wand, a dusting brush, and a crevice tool for getting into tight spaces. It is missing an upholstery tool though, so if you clean your furniture a lot with your vacuum, you may want to choose a different model. It does have an automatic shutoff in case you’re prone to running over the cord, and the cleaning path is fairly average at 12 inches. Perhaps it’s all that power that makes this vacuum so heavy (21 pounds!) but the long 7 year warranty will ensure that when you pay the high price of this vacuum, your investment will be protected for some time to come. Those who don’t like to mess with bags should know that this system does rely on them.

Sebo Automatic X – $699.00

For a lighter model (16.9 pounds,) there’s the Sebo Automatic X that still has that 12 amps of power. Still a bagged system, the effectiveness here drops some to 97%, but comes with all the tools you could ask for — including one for your upholstery. And, its cleaning path is a full 14 inches, making fewer sweeps on your way to a cleaner floor. But while this model may be a bit lower in price, the warranty is also slightly shorter, protecting you for just 5 years. Even with all it has to offer, the biggest draw to this vacuum may be that the body of the machine can drop right to the floor, allowing you to get into even more hard-to-reach places. And if a spot is too easy that maybe you shouldn’t reach, like the cord, this one also comes with an automatic shutoff function.

Miele S 7280 Comfort Class – $549.00

12 amps of power in the motor, a 7 year warranty, all the tools in this kit and caboodle, and a cleaning effectiveness of 95% – what more could you want out of this machine? If you prefer a bagless system, you still won’t get it with this machine, and if you like advanced technology, the rotary dial on the Miele S Comfort Class might not be enough for you. It’s not any lighter than the Miele Premium Class either, weighing the same 21 pounds, and the cleaning path remains the same at 12 inches too. However, it does have a headlight that makes dark corners easier to see, and that automatic shutoff is there too to protect the machine from itself. Relying on a HEPA filter, this system has even better filtration than many other models, and it will fit into just about any space you need it to.

Sebo Felix 2 Premium – $619.00

Why would a bagged system with only a 5 year warranty and that doesn’t even come with a wand cost so much? Because when you hold it up to its competitors, the Sebo Felix 2 Premium does the best job at removing pet hair and other allergens, which makes it great for homes with very young children or allergy sufferers. You can hold it up pretty easily too, as this model only weighs 15.4 pounds, while still having one of the largest cleaning path areas of 15 inches. It too has the automatic shutoff feature, and a fairly decent cleaning effectiveness of 93%.

Oreck Magnesium – $449.99

If you don’t want to be lugging a heavy machine around the house with you while you clean, the Oreck Magnesium might be the one you want. Weighing in at only 7.7 pounds, this bagged system has a 90% cleaning effectiveness and a 7 year warranty. However, when you give up weight you also give up other features as well. This system doesn’t come with any extra accessories that will let you get into those tight spaces, and the motor only holds 4 amps of power. That being said, this Oreck still has a 13 inch cleaning path and an automatic shutoff.

Oreck Touch – $399.99

The Touch from Oreck has a larger motor than the Magnesium at 7.4 amps, but the cleaning effectiveness is a bit lower at 87%. And while the warranty is also shorter (5 years,) you’ll get all the tools — upholstery, wand, crevice device, and dusting brush — that you’ll need. The best thing about this vacuum though has to be the multiple filtration levels, which will make sure that when you take the dirt out, it’s really out for good. It’s bagless for those that don’t want to mess with mess, and it has that ever-important automatic shutoff.

LG Kompressor – $289.00

This powerful vacuum has 12 amps of power in its motor, which might also be why it weighs a hefty 17.8 pounds. This is the second bagless system we reviewed, and it too comes with all the different attachments and accessories that will help get your home cleaner. The cleaning effectiveness sits at just 85%, which could be due to the fact that it really only has one level of filtration; but the 13.25 inches of cleaning path helps you get a better clean. Be careful with it though, this one comes with a warranty of only 5 years.

Sebo Felix 4 Kombi – $369.00

You need a vacuum even when there’s not a stitch of carpeting in your home or one rug on the floor. When that’s the case, you might want to take a closer look at the Sebo Felix 4 Kombi. This is a bagged system that carries 10 amps of power in its motor. Because it’s best used on hard floors, it also doesn’t come with many attachment; in fact, the crevice tool and the dusting brush are the only ones you’ll get. In addition to that, it’s also missing the spinning brush on the main head that helps dig up embedded dirt from areas. Possibly because it’s not ideal on carpeted surfaces it has a cleaning effectiveness of just 82%, and the warranty is only for 5 years. While the price is a bit steep for having essentially just one function, this is the best hard surface vacuum we could find.

Oreck Forever Series Gold – $374.99

The 3.5 amps of power in this bagless system may be while it has a cleaning effectiveness of only 80%. You also won’t get any extra attachments for getting into the nooks and crannies of your home, nor is it very useful on high-pile carpet. But it is incredibly lightweight weighing just 9 pounds, and it does have an automatic shut-off feature. The very best thing about this vacuum though is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, making it great for those that are tired of needing to buy a new vacuum every five years.

Dyson Animal – $399.99

We typically consider Dyson vacuums to be too expensive to be worthwhile, but this one stands out from the rest of its brand counterparts. It has a powerful 12 amp motor, is a bagless system, and only weighs 11.6 pounds. The best thing about this vacuum though is that it’s ideal for picking up pet hair, and even comes with a tangle-free turbine tool that will help remove the hair from your pet before it falls onto the floor. Other tools include are the dusting brush and the upholstery tool, to keep hair off other places where it all too often falls. You should know that this vacuum has a warranty of 5 years, and that it doesn’t drop down to reach underneath places, such as couches or coffee tables.

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