Top 10 Best Kids Strollers

Whether you’re about to become a parent, are a new parent, or just need to trade in your old stroller for a newer model, it can be confusing. What features are available, how much will they all cost, and what are the best brand names out there? We’ve narrowed it all down here so you can enjoy your walk with your baby or toddler, and stop stressing about it.

The Bugaboo Cameleon – $880

What’s so good about this stroller that it can garner this kind of price? The fact that it comes with just about everything and can be converted into just about anything! Whether you need an infant seat, a car seat, a stroller that can hold a car seat, a toddler stroller, or even a beach jogger, this stroller will do it. It can even have the wheels taken off completely to turn into a carry-cot. The wheels are rubber and robust, and there’s even a suspension system to make those bumps in the road a little less intense. The only bad thing about this is that it comes at a huge price, and for holding just one child!

4moms Origami – $850

This name is appropriately named, as it collapses and folds just like Origami. Best of all, there’s no pushing and pulling trying to get handlebars down or those darn wheels in. With just a push of the button this stroller drops; but thanks to the seat sensor, it will never do so when baby is still sitting in it. It has a modern shape and design, as well as many features to go along with that. Lights on the bottom will make night traffic aware that you’re there, and an LCD screen will also tell you the temperature outside. So you can bundle up your baby in the cold, or remove extra layers if it starts to warm up. That screen can help you if you’re getting in a workout at the same time, telling you how fast you’re going, and how far you’ve walked. This modern stroller even lets you charge your cell phone — so you never have to worry about running out of battery should an emergency come up. The only negative that comes with this stroller is that you’ll have to pay top dollar for it.

Orbit Baby Double Helix – $750

This stroller was made for twins, but the dual seats will let you take two small children along whether they’re the same age or not. The rotating seats lets them face each other, away from each other, or take in the same scenery by facing the same way. If you’re taking just one child along it converts into a single stroller, and frees up room for shopping bags or your purse. The bottom basket is great for stashing wipes, diapers, and extra clothing; and it’s got all the wheel locks, rubber handlebar grips, and cup holders that you could ever need. Be prepared to put some oomph when travelling with this one though, as it’s a bit bulkier than other strollers.

Phil & Ted Promenade – $850 for single/$1010 for double

Here’s another stroller that can hold two babies or one, depending on your need at the time. It does have one advantage over the Orbit Baby Double Helix, and that’s the fact that not only can it hold two seats upright, but that those seats can convert into double bassinets. Both children can’t have the same view when using this option, as the top completely covers the bottom seat, although both children have the exact same amount of room. Those bassinets are what you’ll be paying for as well, as there are no extra storage options or other convenient features that come with this model. If you wish, you can lower the price a bit by choosing only the single option when traveling with one child.

Baby Jogger City Elite – $812

Jogging strollers have gained popularity in recent years, but this one tops them all. The three wheels (made out of thick rubber) can easily maneuver around any city block, and the full hood will entirely shade baby from the hot sun or a downpour. On nicer days that hood can also be pulled back so baby can enjoy the day. You can also use this stroller from the time the child is a baby up until they’re 75 pounds — that’s usually around the time they’re at least 7 years old! A bottom basket will stash all of their stuff — and the rear compartment will hold all of yours. And it folds down with just a push of a button. The only thing you might have a problem with is the price, which is considerably more than other jogger strollers.

Mama’s & Papa’s Urbo Stroller – $500

The Urbo stroller is perfect for walks in the park with a sun shade and front swivel wheels that will lock in place when it’s time to just sit and take it all in. This stroller will hold children up to 50 pounds, or when they’re about 5 years old, and the handy bottom basket will let you bring all the diapers, wipes, and extra supplies you may need along with you. But while it’s touted as a lightweight stroller, it is a bit bulkier than other models on the market so if you think you’ll be zipping in and out of stores along the way to the park, a jogger design might be easier for you to maneuver.

The Quinny Yezz – $279

Known as being one of the most lightweight strollers on the market, this one’s light in price too and doesn’t cost any more than comparable strollers on the market. What they won’t give you though is the ability to fold it up and carry it like a backpack when your child decides it’s time to walk around for a bit. It only weighs 11 pounds, but that’s partially because there are no extra storage compartments or cup holders to make it more convenient when you do need it.

Britax B-Agile Stroller – $238

A more budget-friendly version of a jogging stroller, the Britax B-Agile stroller has lots going for it. The bottom basket will hold your things, although it doesn’t have any rear compartments like the Baby Jogger City Elite. That might be what makes it a bit lighter than the Elite, and not only will it fold down with just one hand, it’ll lock in place too. And all for a much better price.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller – $190

Why do double baby strollers have to be so expensive? With their Sit N Stand double stroller, Baby Trend proves they don’t have to be. Coming in at just about the same price as classic single strollers, this one still has the bottom basket for storage and little details like coffee cups that make the trip more convenient. One of the stroller seats can be removed to make more room for a single child, or for an older child that wants to stand on the back while one child sits in the front seat. The child seats do rotate so they can face forward, backward, facing the same way or each other, but they’re only good for the first six months or so, when the child (or children) need to be moved to a bigger seat. When that time comes, you’ll also need to find a new stroller. For this price though, it won’t hurt your budget too much.

Maclaren Triumph – $185

It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles and it won’t convert into anything else than what it is — a good basic stroller done in a classic style. The bottom basket and single-hand fold are all still there, making it a great model to have tucked away in your trunk for whenever you need it; and the umbrella-style handlebars are a bit more modern than the typical bar style you see on many strollers today. The best thing about this stroller though is probably the price, which is just right for those who are looking for a stroller, and nothing more than a stroller.

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