Top 10 Best Gas Grills

When it comes to the gas grill we want to use all summer or even all year long, we often base our decision judging by the look of the actual grill. However, there are so many more options to consider including whether or not they have a rotisserie, the cooking area, heating power, and additional features such as side shelves and natural gas options. We’ve taken all of those into consideration to bring you our top ten gas grills.

Napoleon Mirage – $1,168.98

We scored the Napoleon Mirage a perfect ten as it has just about everything you could want in a grill, and for a great price. It has a heating power of 48,000 BTUs on the primary burners, and 12,500 BTUs on the side burner. Infrared technology also helps heat this grill even quicker. It is mainly fueled by propane but a natural gas option is there too for when you a different type of cook on your foods. And when you feel the need to give things a spin, a rotisserie comes with it to help you do it. The warming rack is an average size of 190 square inches, but it does have one of the smallest cooking areas of all our models, of just 485 square inches. At 61 inches in height it’s also one of the largest models on our list, but that helps it keep its ultra-light weight. One of the biggest drawback users might find is that it comes with just three primary burners.

Napoleon Prestige Pro – $2,599.00

If you’re looking for just a step up from the Mirage, the Prestige Pro from Napoleon comes with even more heat — 56,000 BTUs on the primary burners and 12,500 on the side burners; along with infrared technology. There are also four primary burners on this model. It also has a rotisserie, a side shelf, and a warming rack of 322 square inches. The cooking area is also one of the largest at 600 square inches. It’s 51-inch height will let you place it wherever you need, and it too has a natural gas option.

Weber Summit – $1,499.00

The Weber Summit comes close to the heating power of the Napoleon Mirage with 48,800 BTUs coming out of the primary burners and 12,000 BTUs coming from the side burners. The cooking area is 538 square inches — good if you’re looking for an in-between the Mirage and the Prestige Pro, and it also has a side shelf, and a natural gas option. It does not however have a rotisserie or a natural gas option.

Broil King Imperial – $1,478.98

The Broil King Imperial gives off 55,000 BTUs of heat on the primary burners, but only uses 10,000 on the side burners. At 625 square inches it has the largest primary cooking area of all our grills, and also one of the largest warming areas at 250 square inches. It comes with a natural gas option, a rotisserie burner, and a natural gas option, all of which make it an exceptional gas grill, especially in this price point. And it also has a total of five different burners.

Char-Broil 4-Burner – $229.99

This is a price point that many consumers are looking for when purchasing a gas grill, and you won’t have to give up too much for it. It still gives off 48,000 BTUs of heat on the primary burners, and 10,000 BTUs of side burners. It’s got four different burners to give off all that heat, but does have infrared technology to help heat the grill. It also doesn’t have a rotisserie or a natural gas option, but it does have large cooking surfaces. The primary cooking area is a total of 480 square inches, while the warming rack area comes in at 205 square inches. And, it’s 56 inches tall, meaning it will fit into just about anywhere. For a grill that will get the job done well, you may not find a better one for this price.

Weber Genesis – $799.00

The Weber Genesis is another reasonably priced gas grill, but you will be giving up a bit of power to get it. This grill has 38,000 BTUs of heat on the primary burners and a fairly standard 12,000 BTUs on the side burners. While it does have a large primary cooking area of 507 square inches, the warming area is somewhat small at just 130 square inches. It’s also missing the rotisserie and infrared technology, but it does have natural gas option and a side shelf, both of which can make cooking more convenient.

Napoleon Ultra Chef – $659.00

It may be a little surprising, but the Napoleon Ultra Chef actually has more power than our top two models — with 59,000 BTUs on the primary burners and 14,000 on the side burners. The primary cooking area also has a massive 504 square inches to work with, and the warming rack has 102 square inches to keep your food on while you’re waiting for the rest to cook. It’s only got three burners, but it also comes with a rotisserie, natural gas option, infrared technology, a natural gas option, and a side shelf.

Broil King Regal Pro – $961.85

One of the more powerful grills on our list, this Broil King model gives off 50,000 BTUs of heat on the primary burners and 10,000 BTUs on the side burners. It has four burners, a natural gas option, and a rotisserie, but does not have infrared technology. The cooking area is large at 500 square inches with a warming area of 195 inches, and a side shelf.

Dyna-Glo 5 Burner – $395.00

Another very powerful grill, this Dyna-Glo grill has 50,000 BTUs on the primary burners and 12,000 BTUs on the side burner. It does have room for a rotisserie burner if you choose, but it is not included with the grill itself. One option you won’t have is natural gas, nor is there infrared technology, but it does have a huge cooking area. 530 square inches in fact, on the primary cooking space, and 178 square inches on the warming area. It also has a side shelf to help you keep your tools and utensils organized while in the midst of a big cook-off. Also to help during that big cook is the fifth burner from which this grill takes its name.

Char-Broil Performance – $379.99

If all you want is a basic grill that will let you cook up a feast for the crowds, this Char-Broil may be the one you want. At 30,000 BTUs on the primary burner, it might not have all the heat you’re looking for, but there is a pretty powerful 13,000 BTUs on the side burners, which will cook meat faster than most of our other models. It only has three burners and no rotisserie, but it does have infrared technology to help heat the space even faster. It also has a pretty large main cooking area of 500 square inches, with a nice 180 square inches on the warming area. There is no natural gas option but it does have a handy side shelf, and a price you just can’t beat.

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